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Statement of Lien Satisfaction. Missing Title. Called 1-800-289-8004. I had to keep pressing # or * to get to the operator. Eventually I got transferred to Titles. From the time I started dialing to the time I ended the call- 15 minutes. From the initial- I got ahold of an operator, transferred to "Titles'; I gave the young lady my info (SS#) and address. Apparently they did send me my title, which I cannot find. She stated that they'd send a... Read more

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I called so I can be transferred to supervisor, but waiting for ever & nobody answered Add comment

The worst Bank I had ever deal in my life , my loan is paid Off months ago but still charging for late fees & whole lot of ***, never doing business with them in my life Add comment

We have a Toyota Highlander 2010. The tailgate is defective and out of warrantee. The power tailgate operator has popped out of the tailgate and the fitting in the tailgate is destroyed and can't be repaired. My body shop called the policy repair approval number and they declined to repair my vehicle. Application contract number is CA58-9013210 The repair requires the complete replacement of the tailgate with accompanying painting and labor.... Read more

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My car was paid off 7 years ago. I couldnt find a title. Not sure if I ever had one. When I went to get a copy from title sevices, they notified me that Wachovia is holding on to the Release of the lien!!! So I called Wachovia and they told me they will send a copy. I asked why did they hold on to it? they said it was my job to go update the title when I recieve it!!! what? I dont get that. I have bought many cars and sold them. this does not... Read more

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I just spent almost 2 hrs, 2 hrs !!!!! with Dealer Services trying to simply change my auto-payment to the latter part of each month. What a NIGHTMARE !!!!!! I also found out, and didn't realize, that there is a late payment fee of $15.00 that hasn't been paid that I was unaware of. My e-statement says my next payment due is $360.06. I asked why as was told the $360.06 is what my LAST payment of my loan will be. I asked why was I not... Read more

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This company is awful to go through! I paid my car off 2 months ago and was told I would have the title in 7 to 10 days. Still no title! They keep telling me to wait a week and if I haven't seen anything than to call back. I keep calling back and I get told to wait another week. This company is not lenient at all if your a little late on your car payment due to losing your job, they will tack on a late fee to the point you will never be able... Read more

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My wife and I purchased an Audi A4 financed through WFS (Wachovia Dealer Services) and have always paid our monthly on time, never missed a payment. In April 2012, we decided trade in our Audi for a Volkswagen CC and of course traded in our Audi to put towards the new car's finance agreement. Wachovia Dealer Services dragged their feet in applying our final payment from Volkswagen Credit and as a result since April 2012 I have a missed payment... Read more

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I have a car loan with Wachovia...all I can say is I can't WAIT till it's paid off and will NEVER deal with them again. They are nasty on the phone even when they screw up. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.... Would I have known this is how I would be treated, I would have purchased another Toyota, Chevy or Ford...NEVER AGAIN...Do yourself a favor and stay away from Wachovia / WV dealer services. I am VERY sorry I purchased this car from them, and... Read more

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If you have had a loan with Wachovia and Wells Fargo took it over and there was a bk involved you may not ever see title to it! three years they have known and accepted our payment and oh by the way they do not do affirmations and down to the last minute not one notice not one call because apparently if you file BK you are *** to them and they will not let you make up the pmts you are "supposedly past due" no way we want all money now or no... Read more

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