Wachovia Dealer Services - Company provided poor transition and created personal stress

Fort Worth, Texas 2 comments

Wachovia Dealer Services customer...

I have been trying to make my monthly payment and have been very frustrated that the transition to Wells Fargo Dealer Services has gone very poorly! My billing statement says "On March 20, 2010, we will officially change our name to Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Our new website will become wellsfargodealerservices.com. Everything else is business as usual." I do not agree with this statement. Nor do I agree with "You'll continue to: Receive the same great service."

I do not want to be charged a late fee or a penalty on my payment when I made every effort to get this taken care of like I normally do every month. The website information is not allowing me to make my payment, and it is not clear where to go. I have called and visited locations to make my payment on time with no success! Business deadlines should be met and procedures should be tested for a smooth transition in the future if you wish to keep your customers happy...



Trying to make my payment and wen to the site Wachovia told me to. Cannot make my payment and would not take my old password to even get to.

Why should I be charged a late fee when I am not able to access my account? :(


Fortunately I made my March payment early. Now I want to set my account with Wells Fargo and can't access the format to do this online.

Accessed the website and page to register but don't have the info it wants. Is wells fargo going to notify me with info and let me register online?

Wachovia Dealer Services - Unclear guidelines to qualify for refinance - never late!

Silverthorne, Colorado 0 comments

Over the course of the two years that I've had an auto loan with Wachovia, I've tried to refinance 3 times because I needed a lower payment and interest rate. I was declined all three times, however, the last time I applied they suggested I try for a "hardship" loan. Bear in mind that I was NOT delinquent on my account, but rather, I was trying to be proactive by reducing some of my monthly debt because I had a student loan coming due and an increase in my mortgage payment within a couple months. So when I applied for the hardship loan, the rep asked me for my GROSS income and monthly debt. She said she would call me back that day with an answer. So I waited and no call, so I called the next day. The rep told me I was declined because I make too much money compared to my debt. They didn't FEEL that I had a "hardship". So I explained that I only take home about half of my income due to taxes, heath and dental insurance, etc. So she said, "Well, lets apply using your NET income." So I faxed her paystubs and she said she would have an answer for me later that day. Again no call, so I called the next day. She said I had been declined again because now I don't make enough money. According to her calculations I expend more than I bring in and that disqualified me. So apparently there is some magic debt to income ratio you have to hit in order to qualify for a refinance...and perhaps it even depends on the day, the weather, if there's a full moon, or some other arbitrary factor.

When I asked for an explanation, she couldn't give me one, so I asked to speak to a manager who said, "You need to call finance about that, this is collections." So I called finance and they said, "you need to call collections about that." So obviously I got nowhere with them and they were able to just make an arbitrary decision about my application. But then again, why wouldn't they? I'm on time with my payments and they are raping me with the interest.

In addition to this experience, Wachovia gouges the consumer with high interest rates--higher than most cuthroat lenders and they are absolutely unwilling to work with you. At one point I was told, "You should just let the car go if you can't afford it." Again, I reiterate--I was not delinquent on the account!

Don't do business with Wachovia Dealer and be aware, that in about a month, Wachovia is being acquired by Wells Fargo Finance. Not sure if that's good or bad, but something to be aware of.

Wachovia Dealer Services - Hung up and would not accept further calls

Burbank, California 3 comments
Not resolved

Contacted Wachovia Customer Service Fri 2-26-10 3:00 pm PST and spoke with customer service and was disconnected a few minutes into conversation.

Called back same again at about 3:20 pm PST and spoke with Zevalia in customer service and explained my reason for call/problem and we discussed sitiuation for a few minutes.

At 3:29 pm PST, Zevalia asked me a question, and when I begin to answer it she immediatedly hung up on me promptly at 3:30 pm.

I immediately called back and let it ring for 55 seconds another 5 times and no one would answer phone again, so I must assume Zevalia's shift was over at 3:30 pm so she just hung up on me and went home.

I called back at 4 pm PST and successfully resolved my problem with another customer service representative who did acknowledge that some shifts did end at 3:30 pm PST.

What a *** way for a company to treat their customers.

No wonder they were taken over by Wells Fargo.



You know what ticks me off. Ive been trying to get a job for months now, and constantly have to encounter RUDE customer service reps everywhere.

How the *** do they get hired with these attitudes??

Is it not common practice to hire nice pleasant people? Id really like to know so I can finally land a job.


:cry. Wow I really love this one.

Have you never had phone issues.

They are one of the largest companys and they have computer and phone issues. Did not think of that.


Well I didnt get hung up on today but I talked to a very loud woman named Mariam Gilbert who I was transferred to when I asked for a supervisor. Needless to say she wasnt a supervisor.

My account was past due but it is an insurance defiency balance. I offered to pay her 170.00 in two weeks and she began to over talk me and wouldnt allow me to explain my situation. This defiency balance was not my error the dealer frauded my contract so when the car was stolen the gap insurance I purchased was put on another vehicle. This dealership is currently out of business.

She was yelling to the top of her lungs telling me to dispute this with the dealership. If she wouldve listened a few seconds longer I was getting to the point to tell her they are no longer in business. This woman was treating me as if I still had a vehicle for them to repossess.

They are the worse. I hate that company.

Wachovia Dealer Services - Online services a joke

Orlando, Florida 0 comments

Avoid financing if you want any control over loan. No feature exists to make extra principal payments. You can pay only your monthly payment, and only up to 3 months in advance.

Beware the $75 early payoff fee if you want to ditch them. I didn't see that disclosed when I signed the paperwork.

They may have lower rates, but the lack of options for paying your loan aren't worth it unless you fully intend on paying your loan off over the original term set. Judging by the other reviews, I would hate to see what happens if a payment is ever a dat late.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.

Wachovia Dealer Services - I regret the day I financed through them

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 3 comments
Not resolved

I was in a card accident on June 18th and unfortuately I had to get another car. I got my car on August 1st, since I am responsible for paying two car notes now, one for the totaled car and the other for my current, I was having an issue managing.

I was officially 33 days past due and they sent a representative to my parents house to "serve" me, that same day they called my phone a total of 4 times starting at 7:32am.

I know that it is my responsibility to pay on time, but past due by one payment and the end result is being threatened with repossesion, called before legal Fair Collection Act hours, being served with a notice of non-payment, and on top of the fact that my family and friends being harassed, this is ridiculous. I am hoping that I can pay this car off as soon as possible so that I will never have to deal with this company again.

I have heard of situations like this before, and while it is easy to say "pay your bill on time and you wouldn't go through this", no one should have to endure this sort of behavior from any company. I wish so bad I could sell this car back and be done with it!!!


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #132418

Face Reality...you must be a collector. We all know that this economy is bad right now and isn't getting better anytime soon.

We had perfect credit and a small business. Over the past year we've had hard times and were two weeks late paying Wachovia. Always on time in the past...didn't matter..would not defer payments and was very rude.

Threatened repo of our truck, etc. There are laws that need to be followed and if I had it my way, the dealer never would have financed us through Wachovia.


Wow I have heard it all now. Well I dont know what state you live in but have never heard of someone coming out to your friends and family's home to collect from you unless their address was giving as your address. Secondly, if the unit was totalled and the ins paid and you still had a bala then you should've call the co and request a refinc on the bala.


Your account is 33 days past due that means you are 2 months past due, NOT 1. If you are not returning phone calls..

What do you expect them to do? Go away!?

Get real.. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME, and you will never from any collector period.

Wachovia Dealer Services - CALLING ME AT WORK!

Jefferson City, Missouri 4 comments
Not resolved

I am less than 10 days late on my truck payment (never have been late before now and have had the loan for a year) and they are calling me at work. When asked why she didn't call my cell phone first, she changed the subject to get other information from me.

I told her I would be mailing my payment and she kept trying to get more information from me. I told her I was at work and didn't want to discuss this matter and gave her my cell phone number (AGAIN) and she told me she was going to ask these questions anyway. I told her I was going to hang up. She said "if you hang up on me, I'm going to turn this over to my supervisor" I said "fine".

Then I hung up.

10 days late! Do they not realize that in this kind of economic turmoil I could be over 30-60, or even 90 days late and then you make any comments you want about my credit!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.



Same thing, They began calling us hourly for a loan payment that was five days late, arrangements were made, continued to call hourly, never got to 30 days late, unexpected emergency is what made us late. This was communicated.

Stay away from them, They can afford to pay people to call hourly if one is five days late, but you have to go through three people, repeat information, verify your address and info, every time you get transferred to register a complaint, and then they try to explain away why they continue to call.

They should not call every hour! This is harassment especially when it has been communicated that it was paid on line,


Davis...You are such an ***. You are obviously a collector, if not for Wachovia than another company. Do they all teach you that line. Situations change in family economics and often happen without warning. You speak like you are educated but really you just memorize the collections book of canned responses. Unfortunatly, true justice MAY not come to you in the form of a long unemployment after you have signed for a home or car loan. But, rest assured I will stand at your judgement bar and testify to God and his angels of the lies you told and venom you spewed while on this earth and I will be sure that you witness the anxiety, heart aches and brutality on the families and individuals that you harmDavis...You are such an ignorant ***.

You are obviously a collector, if not for Wachovia than another company. Do they all teach you that line?

Situations change in family economics and often happen without warning. You speak like you are educated but really you just memorize the collections book of canned responses. Unfortunately, true justice MAY not come to you in the form of a long unemployment after you have signed for a home or car loan.

Rest assured I, and every other person you have hurt, will stand at your judgment bar and testify to God and his angels of the lies you told and venom you spewed while on this earth and I will be sure that you witness the anxiety, heart aches and flames (that you ignited and fanned) that caused brutality on the families and individuals that you harmed with your bile.

Remember God is forgiving of the truly ignorant for their actions; he is not *** and will not fall for your lies that you tell others or Yourself as you think “it’s just part of the job” or “it’s their own fault that they are having hard times and can’t seem to catch up”. The only true justice will be when you look up at us from your personal *** and know how many souls you personally destroyed. Enjoy your life on earth now because your eternity is, well…..REALLLY GOING TO SUCK! :cry



Did I ever say I COULDN'T pay it? Maybe before you go posting something you should learn to read something all the way through.

I said I was late...and YES whether you live within your means or not, payment plans could change when someone loses their job or gets laid off because of the economy.

I owe you no more explanation that that. Now go back to your fantasy world.

Hameenlinna, Southern Finland, Finland #107145

This economy is no excuse!!!! If you could not make your payments,why did you buy it?????????????????????

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Wachovia Dealer Services

Deadwood, South Dakota 0 comments
Not resolved

I bought a brand new 2007 Nissan Sentra, soon after signing the papers i was unexpectedly fired from my job (two days later). I struggled for two years working two jobs and getting a CDL to drive truck and pay my bills.

I finally fell behind on my payments so i called Wacovia Customer Service

I was treated with disrepect,and the company would not even consider working with me. One time i called about my situation and I was told by wachovia service reps to quit my job and get a higher paying job or work two jobs. I was driving OTR at the time and did not make any money for obvious reasons i could not work a second job. I had to finally give the car back, i lost 10,000 dollars. Wachovia is a horrible company they treat people like ***. I would never use them again for any type of financing.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Wachovia Dealer Services - Hostile tactics to try and collect a debt

Deadwood, South Dakota 0 comments

I bought a Nissan Sentra back in 2007. I soon lost my job do to the economy

(Thanks BUSH). I was not able to make payment on time. Wachovia Dealer services told me to get a new job when i told them that i was a truck driver. I was to quit the company and find a new job which paid more so i could make my payments on time. Wachovia customer service reminds me of the same tactics used by the old IRS when they would throw old helpless people out in the street. I would highly recommend not borrowing a dime from wachovia dealer services a company that disrespects consumers like this one needs to go bankrupt.

I just got off the phone with verizon i had a cell phone and wireless card with them when i was driving truck. Right now i am broke and still owe tham 180 dollars. I have been making 20 dollar a month payments but that is not good enough so the costomer service collectors feel if they call me at my home and harass me i will pay it off sooner. If you dont have a job or money you cant pay your bills. Call me a dead beat if you wish. However, when i have money i pay my bills on time.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Wachovia dealer services are rude

Miami, Florida 4 comments
Not resolved

Their employee are rudes! Specially Christina...She called me 25times in one day...Christina even told me to turn in my car Because I can't afford my car.

She yelled and disrespect me and my girlfriends. And she's not even on my account. She called my girl's insurance company for information when she didn't have her permisson. The funny part of all of this is" If you bought a car for 22,000 and pay 550.

a month and I have had my car for four years....So I should be done paying it..but according to them I still owe 15,000....How do you figure?? Maybe someone can help me understand.



Yes, they are rude! The rudest group of people I have ever dealt with. They start calling 10+ times a day when the payment is 3 days past due. They will lie and tell you anything to get you to make the payment. Unfortunately in these economic times I can't make all of my payments on the exact due date.

In case you didn't know, the "account managers" that are calling, are basically entry level telemarketers that get paid bonuses for getting the payment from you!



Sorry .. referring to previous comment I need to clarify formula:(Actual Balance X APR) / 365 days = Per diem or Daily InterestExample:$22000 x 12% = $2640 / 365 days = $7.23


I would recommend You to check your contract. What is the APR that you got at the time of the contract, for sure You have a high APR.

Don't forget a loan contract is designed to be paid on due dates and certain amount of payments. If You have been paying late all the time that means that You have paid daily interest for every day that loan is past due. How do You figure that out? ..

Remember, this is a Simple Interest Loan. Here is the formula: Actual Balance X APR $2640 / 365 => $7.23 per day. Don't forget the late fees as well. You might have late fees accumulated for all the times You have paid over 15days from due date, 5% of regular payment (applicable in TX state, varies based on state laws).

There is another factor, Insurance Coverage, these guys charge You if You don't have full coverage insurance.

I hope I helped out on your question. Good luck!


the worst finance co. this is my 3rd car that i finance and by far the worst finance co. of all of them.

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Wachovia Dealer Services - This Company will NEVER get my business again Rude, & threatening

Cleveland, Ohio 0 comments
Not resolved

I have had 3 loans with this Company 2 Paid off in Full the 3rd became late in April 2009 my pay off was in Sept 2009 I have NEVER made a late payment and I am real tired of the rude calls, stalking and threatening I have made payments to pay off my loan I was told last week Dec 16 Pay off $174 and some change and this week December 28 I am told $305 r they out of there mind? They told me it is intrest I guess as well as are rude they can't add as they have no idea what they are talking about and the want to be managers are just as clueless.

It really doesn't matter $17,000.00 later I have my vehicle and I WILL NEVER finance through this *** Company again I will also be filing a complaint with BBB I do understand I got behind however when I got behind I owed $1786.00 out of $17,000.00

I guess I am a *** and I had almost $200 in fees plus intrest but I did PAY in FULL so they better lose my number I would think twice before you use this Company. I have also asked how to contact Corprate and asked for a fax or letter with pay off and they refuse

Product or Service Mentioned: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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