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I have two car loans with WDS car loan #1 was due on July 24th before it would be 30 days pass due. Paymen was made on 22 July but erroneously posted to car loan #2, I wasnt aware of this until I started getting collection call told caller payment had been made give them conf# they said ok give it a few days which I did.

Several days later I received another collection call very hateful this time, tried to explain but guy told me it was my credit score and hung up. About a week later went to make payment on car loan#2 the amount due on the automated phone system was exactly $234.00 less than the actual amount due, which was exactly the amount of car loan 1. Bells went off called WDS they found the error but posted it on the 25 of July which made me 31 days pass due, which in turn made my credit score take a 50 point drop. After many phone calls finally resorted to the office of the president of Wachovia after about 2 weeks they agreed to send correction to credit bureaus and send me a hard copy of the correction letter.

It is now the 13th of Sept and I haven't got the copy.

My big concern is it takes 1 days for them to ruin your credit but 56 days and counting and the correction still hasn't been made. This is totally unacceptable!

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