I have a car loan with Wachovia...all I can say is I can't WAIT till it's paid off and will NEVER deal with them again. They are nasty on the phone even when they screw up.


Would I have known this is how I would be treated, I would have purchased another Toyota, Chevy or Ford...NEVER AGAIN...Do yourself a favor and stay away from Wachovia / WV dealer services. I am VERY sorry I purchased this car from them, and once paid off I will ditch it and purchase something new from one of the brands listed above.

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #712055

I DO NOT have a loan with these people! I have in (Fact) never heard of them until I started getting calls fro them several times a day.

I am elderly and don't even drive anymore so do not know what they are after. Today (if I get even one call) I will let the attorney general deal with it and any one else who might help me. Yes. I am angry...

No one should have to endure having their life interupted with this stuff. Did I mention that I am OLD, disabled and fed up?

Springfield, Missouri, United States #712051


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