On 5/23/2010 I mailed a check to Wachovia Dealer Services as a final payment for my auto loan. In the envelope I included a letter with a new address and requested my car title be mailed to the new address.

My account number was 8110020335. My new address: Judith Fuller, Box 179,7736 Farr St. Apt. 908, Daniel Island, SC 29492.

I have tried calling the 800 number that is listed on my statement. When I give my account number I get a recording saying that number does not exist. What do you suggest that I do?

Judith A. Fuller

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It only took me one phone call and one transfer to get my Wachovia Title mailed. Call 1-800-289-8004. The lady I talked to was super sweet and I was really impressed with the service.

to J.Green #1413018

PS - Just keep hitting "0" when asked for an account # and you'll get transferred to a live person.


Now which title do you want? The original manufactures title or the certificate of title?

Well you wont get the original as the county will keep that and uses that to force you to get it inspected and registered. I know there is a difference and trying to get the original is almost impossible as the county does not want to give it up so they can continue to collect revenue from you.

I have heard of people getting the county to release it because you are selling it to someone from out of the country and you need it for that purpose. Course I am here in Texas and that might be a more likely reason someone here can try that.


First of all, remove your account number and address from your post! This is a public forum and anyone can see this information and use it to steal your identity.

Second, write a letter to Wachovia and send it via registered mail. Third, when you call their 800 number just keep hitting 0 until you get an actual person.

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