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Wells Fargo Dealer Services calls my 90 year old mother who has had a stroke, has some dementia, lives on social security. They talk to her like she is a piece of s*** stuck on the bottom of their shoe. She apparently cosigned a car loan for a family member and...
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Upset with this company/////

This is the telephone number for the Executive Office for Wells Fargo Dealer 877-250-2265

Rebecca Sorensen

Yes, ever since wells fargo dealer took over in 2010,I had nothing but trouble with them , I made my payment in jan.2010 for the whole year and I shouldn\'t have had to make a...

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Why do I make my payments to WF for, I was never charged a fee before, now it costs me more money. I always used the online payment option. I do not agree with the extra charge, when I bought this car I was told online payments was not charged a fee. Please explain...
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its all good in the neighborho

what a dumb ***, i make my payments at for free. i know i have been late before and had to pay with a customer service agent and they charge $10 ev...


Wells Fargo Dealer Services does not charge to do online payments if you are getting charged then you are the incorrect site or when the address was put in it was placed in th...

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I have had 3 loans with this Company 2 Paid off in Full the 3rd became late in April 2009 my pay off was in Sept 2009 I have NEVER made a late payment and I am real tired of the rude calls, stalking and threatening I have made payments to pay off my loan I was told...
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