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I financed my car through WFDS in 2008, paid it off in 2009. This year I wanted to sell it and found out that car title has my name misspelled ....

not just one letter or two, but a big time misspelled. Calling 800-289-8004 didn't do anything, because you can't get through automated services unless you want to finance new purchase with them or have an existing account, which was closed 3 years ago due to the loan paid in full. But if you keep pushing # or/and 0 it will take you to the operator.

Good luck! I wasn't waiting and conversation with them went well.

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My wife has tried several times to get a letter that shows our auto loan paid in full,tried to make contact all day yesterday no luck, please give me a call @ 336-452-7146 ASAP Thanks


If your name is misspelled on your title it usually is the fault of the dealer or DMV clerk that processed your paperwork. WFDS is the lender and only receives the new title with them as lien holder after it has been processed by DMV.

They have no control on how it was submitted.

It's easier to process any correction yourself at your local DMV. At least this way you can make sure everything is correct thus time.

Wachovia Dealer Services - Wachovia


I have my car loan through wachovia. Then i call them cause i have not seen a paper on how much i ow and when since a year after i bought my car.

Supposively Wells fargo bought wachovia however no one can help me as far as my loan and who i am paying, and who the *** is gonna give my title when it is paid off. WTH. I don't get who I am paying. my credit report doesn't give a number to them, Just a P.O.

Box. So I am confused and pissed and don't know what to do.,

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Wachovia Dealer Services - Whachovia is banking on you defaulting.


I had been making payments for 6 years on my car financed through Wachovia then lost my job. This nasty company and their rude workers would cut me no slack.

After falling behind a month they would not take a payment and wanted the balance which is $2,000.00. WHAT PART of I AM UNEMPLOYED DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Everyone else including my mortgage company have bent over backwards to work with me. The bottom line is Wachovia can make more money by taking my car and selling it again to someone else.

Today they showed up at my house with a tow truck. THIS IS TRUE. MMM but I wasn't there. They even go to your neighbors and offer them money to call them when the car is there.

I will never purchase a car again from this company.

You end up paying double and get treated like some low life if you are late. Only in America.

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I have had may car since 08 and in 09 myself like many other found myself out of work an behind on payments. Well fargo came and took my car I had come up with full back payment and when i diid they moved my car to 3 different tow yards.

then when i got some ones close and personal items where in it. when i told them this they said and i quote "maybe you should have made your payments" WTF !!!!

When I was done and out this was the only company that didn't offer any help or understanding and things have been good for 2/12 years i get harrrrsed if payment is processed with 5 days of the due date

I can't get refinaced cause they repoed my car *** can't wait until the loan payments are done so i get away from them UGH!! 18 months left and would have been sooner if they didn't repo it


Same thing just happened to me today! My car is almost paid of and I was 60 days behind and they repossessed my car.

I mailed a partial payment but they said it wasn't enough and they mailed it back to me! The crappy part is my loan is in the bankruptcy dept where they make it nearly impossible to make a payment. Hold times on the phone are hours, they lock you out of your internet account and refuse to send statements. Wells Fargo sucks!

I will never refer wells Fargo to anyone and I hope they go out of business.

Wells Fargo has the worst customer service and steal your money! Do not use them for anything!


I am so sorry you went through this so did I they took my truck after one missed payment that I did not even realized I missed and were unwilling to take the back payment. They wanted the whole loan amount of over $9500.00.

I waged a protest by having all my friends call the presidents office and tell them I said Hi.

won't get you car back but might make you feel better. The number is 877-250-2265.

Wachovia Dealer Services - Wells Fargo Dealer Services Contact Info for the President's Office

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Please share out to as many people as possible, I want to stop someone from making my mistake and try to help if they have. I bought a truck and took out a loan from WELLS FARGO DEALER SERVICES three years ago.

At this time they have my truck because of a missed payment six months ago that I was never informed of and I need to pay off my whole balance of $9,500.00 to get it back they will not accept the missed payment of $250.00. This is a situation of the big bank who does not care one bit about the people they hurt. However I have something they don't want others to have and I am more than happy to share, it took a week and several managers to finally reach the OFFICE OF THE COMPANY PRESIDENT here is the contact information in case you or anyone else ever has a problem.

There is not a thing I can do to get my truck back but if you wanna do a girl a favor and let big business know we're sick of it give a call or drop an email and tell them Cindy said Hi! Phone: 1-877-250-2265, email: officeofthepresident.dealer@wellsfargo.com, address PO Box 168071, Irving TX 75016.

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Although I'm not having payment issues with them, I am having issues getting them to approve a state-to-state title transfer. I've been trying to get my tags/registration in the state of Florida for 3 months, and state law requires this to be done within 30 days of taking residency.

I have had the Florida DMV fax the information to them five times, and I've made countless phone calls with still no result. I have literally spent HOURS of my life on the phone with them, but their incompetent customer service representatives and everyone in their title department are useless. How can they say they didn't get the faxes when the DMV in Florida has confirmations that each time they sent it, it went through successfully?

The last rep I spoke with was completely incompetent and resulted in my being transferred to the Office of the President when I told them they are not getting another payment until they get this done.

After 45 minutes on the phone with a rep from the so-called "President's office" I was given their fax number as well as email address to send the paperwork to. I contacted the DMV (again), who faxed the paperwork to them (again). The lady at the DMV was kind enough to email me a copy of the paperwork they sent them, so I sent it via email to the President's office as well. However, this morning I realized the email address they gave me was incorrect because it was returned to me.

Luckily I found this post was able to realize they conveniently left out the "dot" between the words president and dealer, even after I repeated the email address back to her (and no mention of the dot that is VERY important when trying to get matters handled through email). I re-forwarded it again to them this morning, and it was faxed last week (again) from the DMV, but still no response. I plan to call them again this evening after work.

I'm at the end of my rope with these people! If I get fined by the state of Florida for being non-complaint in getting my vehicle registered within 30 days as required by law, I will be contacting my lawyer to sue them for the charges of the fine was well as my court costs.


to Tina Stubbs #1504505

Couldn't agree more!! This is the second time I've dealt with WF...I should've learned from my first experience, but it wasn't as bad.

This 2nd time has been a nightmare!!Listen up people...WF is the SHADIEST COMPANY ON THE PLANET!! Don't ever take out a loan with them, or even bank with them!! They do not care one bit about their customers! Just Google them, and you'll find all kinds of shady things they've done and continue to do!!Trust me, if the only way you can get a car loan is with WF, PLEASE, think again...buy something way cheaper or don't buy anything at all.

You're better off taking the bus or walking than dealing with Wells Fargo Dealer Services. They will make your life a living ***


Yes they call 4-5 times a day when I was only a week past due. They certainly do not follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act at all.

I mean come on forgot to mail and you're caring 4 times a day.

Never again WI I finance thru them. Will be closing my accounts out too and 401K and take my $ elsewhere.

Holly Springs, North Carolina, United States #1201218

My son is fighting cancer in a different part of the state from where we live, I had a truck payment due on the 24th of the month which fell on a weekend we made the payment on the 22nd of July Fri thru bill pay from the SECU first of all they posted it to the wrong account I have two vehicle loans they corrected that after I found out by getting a collection call upon investigation they corrected this mistake. My problem even though I had documented proof from the SECU that payment was made on time Wachovia at the time of this writing refuses to credit the payment in time so as not to show late to the credit bureaus, this caused my credit score to take a huge drop. I went thru the local Wachovia they tried by still was denied, so as a last resort I found this web site, stated my case still waiting on results the person I talked was very understanding and promising more later.


Thank you! My daughter's X5 is financed through Wachovia/Wells Fargo, and they misapplied a payment.

I am astounded at the lack of competence. They showed they received her payment (we have a letter stating so) but don't know where it was applied.


Just happened to me as well!

Jackson, Wyoming, United States #955757

All of you should really look at how you are playing this game. There is remedy, you can get your property back!

You need to start by BEING EQUiTABLE! Why can they do what they have done? It is not fraud! It is because you have not come in an Equitable manner to make your claim.

Stop complaining and do your homework. Please Choose to resolve these matters in Peace and Honor.

You will be amazed at what you will find... Teton Free Spirits dot com has the remedy if you are willing to do the work and change the way you interact in Commerce.

to Free Spirit Los Angeles, California, United States #956135

Can you please help me I'm a single mom of a child that was in the hospital nearly 100 days and am behind on my payments. Please let me know what or where I can do research to educate myself.

Thank you


Kent, Washington, United States #933655

I just called the number for the office of the president to try to get a 30 day late removed my credit report. The gentleman was kind and displayed excellent customer service.

The agreed to look into it even though the late was totally my fault. Wells Fargo has an A+ rating in my book right now.

Rochester, New York, United States #841366

My son lost over $16 k because they granted him a loan. They waived his income.

He had little income. They kept a$9 k value trade-in that had no balance to pay off. Then they repossessed the financed truck when my son ccouldn't make over $400 a month payments.

Add their repossession fees to that. June Crosby call me 5854559528 please

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #817292

To who it may concern at Wells Fargo Dealer Services, you are a crooked co, a dirty co and you no how to mess the people over that you have for customers,you are rude and most of all your to blame for doing me wrong, right after my father died and the payments were still beaing made,the money went somewhere , I no into an closed account ,so you could keep my car and have the money, when your found out about, with your pants down , and the man in charge comes I hope he punishes all who were involed in this,this co should be investigated,keeping people's money and there cars,no good back stabbers.


I seem to think someone in authority should start checking into these Wells Fargos and it's all of them doing scams .


Wells Fargo sucks they *** in my credit report I had a morgage loan I never even had a house, they are not a good co, they are doing fraud.

to candy #1026082

Sounds like a mistake not fraud. That can all be corrected with the credit bureaus, and WF is required to fix it. You need to understand how things work before accusing fraud.

to Anonymous #1359158

Why do you have to be anonymous when you stand up for in support of WF in these responses and offer advice to these comments?


Wells Fargo Is a crooked co, I wouldn't recomend them to no one, When I had an account with wells Fargo n/a dealer services,they said they never recieved payment so i photo copied my money order to find who cashed it, and it was them wells fargo,I called back to find out and they told me they found it in an account that was closed that didnt belong to no one,I bet they do this to a lot of people so they can pocket money crooked,I hope they get punished by God.


Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you!!! :upset They are driving me crazy!


Do you know of anwhere I can get help in Pennsylvania?


Yes there is. Did you get the 21 day right to cure letter?

Did they come onto your property withought your permission? Your driveway is part of your property. Was there a breach of peace? Look up Atty Ortiz (BK Attorney in Mass.

and read the laws. The cases can be takenon contingent because damages will pay for Atty. See if he will take your case. Also, if they try to get you for the difference, MA law says that it based on the fair market value minus what you owe on the loan, and they will count on you not knowing that.

NOT What you owe minus what they get when they sell it. I would call the office of the President of Dealer Services to get a complete payment history.

They think they are funny, and they are not. Do a little research.

to Heads Up Chicago, Illinois, United States #934907

I'm very pissed they just took my car and want me to pay $16,000 for $680.00 and this is my very first time ever owing a vehicle. I called to pay the money and they don't even want it but want $16,000.

I don't know what to do. Four kids no car and I work very far.

I'm crying so hard what do i tell my children. This hurts so bad but i know God is able.someone please give me some advice.

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Wachovia Dealer Services - Terrible Customer Service

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In my job we deal with many banks, finance companies and credit unions across the country. Dealing with Wells Fargo Dealer Service is always a hassle.

Their customer service is the worst. First after holding to speak to a representative you get placed on an immediate hold by a live person. When they do come back on the line when they feel like actually working they do not introduce themselves and are incredibly rude. When trying to get assistance from them on an account, in the middle of speaking with them they will place you on hold for no reason at all again.

In a lot of cases you just get hung up on. When trying to call back and speak to a supervisor you're told that no supervisor is available. Of course they're not. This company has completely rude and ignorant people working for them that have no concept of what good customer service is.

I wouldn't recommend using them to even my worst enemies. The people that I have spoken to at this company sound like they're good candidates to be on Maury Povich for a myriad of subjects ranging from: which one of these five men are my child's father to my father is also my uncle.


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Wachovia Dealer Services - Well Fargo Dealer Services...harrassment

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On 8/18/11 I was rear-ended on the freeway and taken from the scene to the hospital for enjuries that occured in the accident.I was placed on pain medication and advised to take time off from work.I complied.On 30 days later i get a call from WFDS demanding that I make a payment immediately.I explained my situation and they stated 'when can you make a payment"? I reponded I'will make a payment no later then 10/18".She then asked what shop my car was in and I told her where my car was. The very next day i got a call from insurene compny wanting to go ispect the car so i told them the phone number of the shop.Shortly after that phone call the insurence co called back and informed me my car had been repoed.

Today 11/1 5/11 I get a call from WFDS demanding 9,000 dollars and stating they had sold my car at an auction for 8,000 and I owe 9,000 storage fee.And I am at my witts end with these people.Not once did they even have the decentcy to ask if i was okay.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Wow .....First of all sorry to hear of your friends loss I hope he has managed to find peace somehow, however with W F D S on his *** I don't see how this would be possible.I promise I will do everything i can to make then pay for their cruelty.Thanks for reading my post


guess what, they dont care if your even dead, they kept calling my friends house asking for his mother who died months earlier and when he told them she died they wanted him to pay the bill. they continued to call demanding to speak with his mother as if they didnt believe him that she was dead so he gave them her forwarding address of the graveyard.

they still called back weeks later and he told them to "go dig her up". I cracked up.

Wachovia Dealer Services - Wachovia sucks

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I was just informed that i am 2 months late on my jeep payment by a mean little ignorant woman who works for their customer service.she treated me like i was a dead beat who was just trying to get one over on them.I was being scolded by this woman when she did not know all the facts.funny thing is my payment is supposed to be automatically withdrawn from my checking?seems that she would have known this if she pulled up my account info.how is this my fault in anyway?I told her it was probably due to their error and she hung up on me.real good customer service(b.s).I called back to inform them that I would be paying off my car in full and never doing buisness with them again.F*** wachovia.I will be paying cash for everything from now on.I love how they want to blame the customer for their mess up.

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Wachovia Dealer Services - I won't recommended to anybody

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My experience with wells fargo dealers: a nightmare. I'm leaving USA, so we need to sell our two cars asap.

We paid out the car that we have with WFD. A month later the title still under WF Dealers. When you call 800 number they said the title was released to the DMV 2 weeks ago, and because it is an electronic title it will take another 2 weeks to be process through. We went to the DMV to get a title replacement and DMV said that it has not been released.

I requested to WFD Customer Service a proof of paid out: Lien Release, but their don't help you: Go to the DMV. WF never sent me any paper, proof of payment or instructions about how to proceed. We called WFD 10 times and went to the DMV 3 times. It has been 10 days and still no title.

You have to dig really deep inside WF dealer web site to find out that they have corporates offices all over, but they dont tell you. You have to go there in person and someone from the processing center will sign the release. Otherwise, you going to die waiting for your title. Now, let me tell you about my other car with State Farm Bank.

I sent my paid out cashier check. 7 days later, I got the title in my hand. I sold my car next day. Zero stress, zero hassle.

It is up to you.

Next time go to another financial company. My humble advise.

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Response to 'one of a few adults (?) in the world - Did you read 'I wont recommend to anybody' post? It has nothing to do with past due bills.

He/She paid everything on time. The complaint was WFDS slow action on getting the title to them.

Your response has no bearing. Take some responsibility and read the postings before you comment.


I'm reading all of the complaints about WFDS and they all blame the company for not paying YOUR bill. If you don't want calls about your past due bill then pay it or save your money and pay cash!

Stop blaming everybody else for your problems and take some personal reaponsibility and own your situation. :?

Wachovia Dealer Services - Horrible company to work with


This company is horrble to work with. When my partner lost her job, I called to explain that it would take me a couple of months to catch up.

I told them I would pay on a certain day and they proceeded to call my sister to collect this debt. When I called to tell them that they could not call my sister, they said that if I owed them money they could call anyone they want.

Absolutely horrible, and abusive on the phone. Will never do business with them and can not wait until i have no more payments with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.

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Unless your sister was a co-signer, they cannot contact relatives to collect a debt. They can call a relative or neighbor to locate you, but they cannot disclose the account number, debt owed, etc.

If they did, you have legal recourse. If your sister tells them to stop contacting her, they must or it is another violation of the FDCPA.


They are the most terrible people to deal with, all they do is harass you at home, work, cell and demand!!!!! they do not care about your situation.

They threaten all the time to repo your car even when its not even 1mth late!!! I cant wait to finish the loan and send them to H...!!!!!

Wachovia Dealer Services - Lets File a Class Action Suit here How


I have read the complaints against Wacohvia Dealer service and they are true. Most of The complaints center around Customer Service and the call made from the customer service.

But here the real deal Wachovia Dealer Service is systematic using this practice to make it harder for you to pay off the loan and drive up there fees. If you miss one or two payment the harassment will start follow by the treats then legal fees from phony Repo action. Mean while you are dealing with that they are piling any fee they can think of.If you happen to be one who has poor credit which it sounds like many of us are in this bad economy then you have credit card rate for a car loan say greater than 10% to 19%. If you are feed up with this company as sure you are join me with filing a class action suit.

My company is body beautiful and if you email I can add you to the class action suit that I am the process of filing. This is the only way to reach these company.

Until I started the initial paper work for my suit I had call and threats whole treatment for over three years and I am current on my loan. Join my at Bodybeautifulstore@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.

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why do you use the email bodybeautiful rather than another email. It appears you are trying to obtain email addresses to solicit.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #231983

If you were current you wouldnt have calls and threats! You sound like the typical deadbeat that wants something for nothing. :eek :eek :zzz :upset :upset :grin :grin :cry :cry

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