I agree with anyone who says never use this company! I will never use them again and have tried to get away from them but unfortunately my crappy car is financed for more than whats its worth.

i had economic hardship and lost child support payments that allowed me to get the car and this company still would not help me refinance.... they denied all requests... they called me every day at work sometimes twice a day.. to embarrass the *** out of me...

they think if you are embarrased they will get the money... i was not even 30 days past due...

i cant wait for my loan to be paid off... i cant stand these people and i will never use them again

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wachovia is or was geared for those with poor credit, who want to buy a used car, therefore the interest was quite high, which leads to having to pay much more for a car and taking much longer to get the balance down. And being as the cars are usually used the time frame, or age of the car or mileage anyone will allow you to refinance has passed.

My advise to anyone who has a loan from them is to pay it off asap. If you happen to get behind try to negotiate a plan to catch up to avoid the calls, repo threats, harassment of everyone you know. And once you pay it off good luck getting the title. I paid mine off over a year ago and has requested numerous times and still no title.

And if you make a deal to pay pennies on the dollar to pay it off, expect them to claim the remainder and send you a notice that you received it as income which you have to claim on your income tax. And they do not send it to you before you have your taxes done, they aren't quick about that either. I paid mine off in end of spring 2010 and got a notice March 2011 I needed to claim it on my income tax.

I had already done mine for that year. They are idiots.


Wells Fargo Dealer Services has 108 complaints on BBB!!!!

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