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I requested Wachovia dealer services to stop calling me when my account is over 2 days past due and to communicate in writing. This was mainly due to harrassment, rudeness and incompetence.

I complained to the office of the president since I was still receiving calls. I was told that they would address the issue, but it is obvious that nothing was done because of what happened this morning. My car was paid off over a week ago and I just received a past due notice. When I called the number listed I was told by a collector that I need to call customer service.

I told her the number listed was their number and she kindly just hung up on me.

Not only are they not in compliance with federal law, but they are lazy!!! I hope they get sued by enough irate customers, so that they get their act together.

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Regarding our recent phone conversation I assumed you were giving me the same run around I've experienced for the last year from Wachovia customer service and collections deptments.

Maybe I'm wrong, and you really don't understand the facts about predatory loan # . A year ago I thought predatory lending had something to do with loan sharks.

In 2008 at the time of the of bail-out I thought it best to pay off my car loan as jobs would soon be hard to come by, I called Wachovia for the pay off amount and was given a sum that simply could not be possible. I spent the next few months trying to find out what happened. The following is what I found:

I signed a GMAC Flexible Finance Plan at an annual percentage rate of 8.90%......but ended up with a loan from Wachovia @ 10.25%

I was sold by deception the following financial products:

Life insuance $801.69

Disability Insuance: $1151.06

Gap Protection: $489.00

Global Maint Agrmnt: $532.00

US Etch Vehicle Protection System:$299

all of these predatory products were rolled over into the loan which comes to $6559.20.

To date I've paided close to $28,000.00 on the purchase of a $22,000.00 auto that I put a $5000.00 down payment on.


In Mar/Apr of 2008 I faxed Universal Underwriters Life insurance Company, American Heritage Insuance Services, US Etch Vehicle Protection system, Ed Morse Auto Group, requesting that these products be canceled reason: Predatory Lending. See fax page 2.

Universal Underwriters, told me that the Life insurance and disability insurance were wachovia products managed by Zurich...but every time I explain this to your customer service they don't have a clue.......maybe you and they really don't know these are Wachovia products, I certainly didn't.

So as you requested, copies of canceled products.

Again this is an attempt to stettle a debt, and pay off my auto loan.

Loan #:

I want to pay off my auto loan for the amount of $994.14.

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