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Maybe Im right!I deal with the Charlotte NC Mrs Bryant!!!

this lady has told me to many times I spend my money on the wrong things!!! She calls my husband and I all the time 12 days before our payment is due!!!!!! June of 2008 My daughter graduated, She called looking for a payment that wasnt even due, When I told her it wasnt due, that was not enough she proceeded to tell me that " if i wouldnt of spent the money on my daughters graduation and my vacation to NYC that i would have the money to make a payment?????" again the payment was NOT due and she threaten to have my car repo at my work!!!!!!!!!!!! I live 20 mins from this @$&()@$*& office ...

she has no idea what will hit her!!! I think they are trained like this..its crazy... and god forbid dont give them your account info she will take from your acc without permission!!!!!!!!!!! the end result..

we are refinacing this vehichal...

she has made us hate our new vehical......

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There real name is Westcorp, Inc.There Corporate office in North Carolina needs to get more complaints from us about the harassing calls(877) 250-2265, here is the number.

The presidents name is Ken Thompson he needs to hear of this. Send your letters to this Fax number (704) 927-8639. WE need to complain more on the BBB. The web address


Since there are alot of complaints but not enough they feel this company is ok. Spread the word!! Just copy paste your complaint to them. If they knew how to help people out instead of *** them off maybe there business would be booming!

WE as consumers don't choose to have financial difficulties but we do. How can you sleep at night knowing how rude you are to people?

If you had better customer support and work with people you would get people TRYING to do payments on time.I did my HOMEWORK.


Shut up seriously! it was a one word! get a life your probably a wachovia ***!


Your "vehical"? Yoo shud trigh two spel curecteley befour complaning, knowon wil tek yoo seriaslee if yoo dont.

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