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I am getting 2 and 3 calls a day from these people.They will not leave a message and I have not even made one payment.

My first payment is not even due until Jan. 11, 2011. I didn't have a choice in financing since it was arranged through the Chrysler dealer. I have never had a problem like this before with any financial institution.

I am considering looking elsewhere for financing and plan to move the loan if possible.

This is harrassment as far as I am concerned.I certainly do not need them contacting family or work trying to get in touch with me.

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I recently purchased a car and my payment isn't due until 1/3/2012, but I've been receiving calls from "Wachovia Dealer" multiple times every day and they don't leave a message.I am thankful I never gave out my cell phone number!

They already sent me something in the mail with all the payment information and everything on it.What more do they need to know?


They aren't suppose to leave personal information.Yet they state at the beginning of the message that this message is intended for the person only, your name, as if anyone else is going to hang up.

Still a violation if you ask me. And if you get the silver tongued Sylvia who speaks so sweetly, remember she works for them and anything you say to her will be used against you or twisted to work against you. Beware.

They use any tactic, will harass your sick and elderly family members, and hunt you down like an animal.And never send you the title.


They ate doing a welcome call!All the banks are doing it now.

They are making sure that its you who really bought the car and make sure they have all the correct info.Also with not leaving a message it depends on the state you live in where by law they are not allowed to leave a message.

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