I received loan from Wachovia Dealers Services a year ago. All of payments had been made on time, one month my payment got lost in the mail.

I received a call from a lady named Kathy, she was rude from the start. She didn't even ask me who I was to make sure she had the right person. The first thing out of her mouth was "Why haven't we received our payment yet?" After finding out who I was speaking with. I replied that I had already sent my payment two weeks ago.

I got the comment "Stop lying, I will have your truck picked up before you woke in the morning." After that comment I become VERY rude with her. What I said I can't place here. I will NEVER deal with this company again.

I traded my truck so I don't have to deal with them.

Review about: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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There real name is Westcorp, Inc. There Corporate office in North Carolina needs to get more complaints from us about the harassing calls(877) 250-2265, here is the number.

The presidents name is Ken Thompson he needs to hear of this. Send your letters to this Fax number (704) 927-8639. WE need to complain more on the BBB. The web address

is www.charlotte.bbb.org.

Since there are alot of complaints but not enough they feel this company is ok. Spread the word!! Just copy paste your complaint to them. If they knew how to help people out instead of *** them off maybe there business would be booming!

WE as consumers don't choose to have financial difficulties but we do. How can you sleep at night knowing how rude you are to people?

If you had better customer support and work with people you would get people TRYING to do payments on time. I did my HOMEWORK.Get names of the Rude Reps, and the number they are calling you from and send there names and numbers to the Corp office this needs to be handled.


Friggin ***......


You probably are *** and beneath them, if you don't know that your payment posted you are probably financially ignorant, unable to read your bank statement, and mentally short changed. Why don't you take finacial responsibility for your life, yourself and your children and quit blaming the evil corporation that you depend on to think for you.

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