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Their employee are rudes! Specially Christina...She called me 25times in one day...Christina even told me to turn in my car Because I can't afford my car.

She yelled and disrespect me and my girlfriends. And she's not even on my account. She called my girl's insurance company for information when she didn't have her permisson. The funny part of all of this is" If you bought a car for 22,000 and pay 550.

a month and I have had my car for four years....So I should be done paying it..but according to them I still owe 15,000....How do you figure?? Maybe someone can help me understand.

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Yes, they are rude! The rudest group of people I have ever dealt with. They start calling 10+ times a day when the payment is 3 days past due. They will lie and tell you anything to get you to make the payment. Unfortunately in these economic times I can't make all of my payments on the exact due date.

In case you didn't know, the "account managers" that are calling, are basically entry level telemarketers that get paid bonuses for getting the payment from you!



Sorry .. referring to previous comment I need to clarify formula:(Actual Balance X APR) / 365 days = Per diem or Daily InterestExample:$22000 x 12% = $2640 / 365 days = $7.23


I would recommend You to check your contract. What is the APR that you got at the time of the contract, for sure You have a high APR.

Don't forget a loan contract is designed to be paid on due dates and certain amount of payments. If You have been paying late all the time that means that You have paid daily interest for every day that loan is past due. How do You figure that out? ..

Remember, this is a Simple Interest Loan. Here is the formula: Actual Balance X APR $2640 / 365 => $7.23 per day. Don't forget the late fees as well. You might have late fees accumulated for all the times You have paid over 15days from due date, 5% of regular payment (applicable in TX state, varies based on state laws).

There is another factor, Insurance Coverage, these guys charge You if You don't have full coverage insurance.

I hope I helped out on your question. Good luck!


the worst finance co. this is my 3rd car that i finance and by far the worst finance co. of all of them.

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