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Wachovia Dealer Services is the worst auto financing company I have ever dealt with! Their employees are rude, ignorant, and blatently pigheaded!

Every time I have called to make a payment or ask a question, I get the third degree. They tell me I mine as well give up the car, I can't afford it and have told my boyfriend many things not pertaining to the conversation that are way out of line. I will NEVER deal with them again! It's like they want to pick a fight with you!

Do not get a loan from them!


Review about: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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My car had my dad as a co-signer in order to buy it. My dad filed bancruptcy and told Wachovia he was no longer responsible for the car but I was still making my monthly payments since it is my car and I had always been the car owner.

They said since he had filed they would no longer send me payment statements each month to pay them. I have been sending them a check each month with no correspondence back from this company.

It is like they want me to fail. I don't even know how much I still owe.


topic is;

unlawful ways to harrass someone.

call someone you know but have no association with to call you, tell them it is an emergency, and they need to get ahold of you to call them. they told them they were put on my loan app.

as a reference.

which was a blatant lie, this person "HAD A BFRIEF" connection with me over 5yrs ago and no contact since. Makes me wonder if they hacked me, which is illegal and go back to old on line business info ehich now is very old


This company does not work with a personwho wants to refi the car loan. To them you are unable to afford a vehicle so you should just give it up but please pay it off anyway instead of refi.

A refi is only possible if you owe alot that they can legally charge an exhorbante amount of interest and fees and lunches for ceo's and add in the person delivering the lunch or driving them to it. They must make their profits from ignorant unhappy employees badgering customers to pay made up charges.


My issue is different from others listed here. Each year when my auto insurance policies renew...

Wachovia Dealer Services sends me a letter with a fairly nasty tone telling that I am no longer insuring the Vehicle.

There is no "if something has changed"... This level of contempt for their customer is amazing!


Everyone outthere with a Wachovia account be ware that they are and will manipulate your deposits in order to oaverdraft your account and charge you a $35.00 fee. the way they do this is if you have direct deposit they will hold it and not post it to your account until they pay for other bills coming in, I dont mean for Wachovia to hold paymant on my bills for a weekor anything like that; but if your direct deposit goes in at midnight and other bills go in a midnight the same day they will first do the bills and then deposit your payroll in hopes for your account to be overdrawn and they can hit you with that fee.

I actually contacted my insurance company and City Hall in the town where I live to confirm dates of which they sent payment to my account and they both ( which have nothing to do with each other ) told me that they tried to get the money on the 31st but Wachovia overdrew my account by saying that the payments went in on the 30th and my direct deposit went in on the 31st. I went to the local branch and was told by the rep that there is nothing he can do basically he did n ot want to help I guess because it was Friday and almost the end of the day. I asked to speak to the manager and she told me she did not have the authority to refund the fees ( which is a lie because I have gone to the bank to help a friend with the same problem before and he got the fees refunded by not the manager but just a rep ). Called customer service and was told a manager will cal me back, its been three days and no call.

Called again and was told manager will cal back in ten mins its been 6 hours. Please be aware and follow thru , maybe if enough people say something it will stop.

I plan to file a complaint with the Commisioner of Banks. Thanks for reading this and good luck.


I have a honest question for #2 The repo man. I owe a payment this month that will not get paid.

I have been on time since Sept. of last year and it is 6-13-2011. I want them to pick the car up. How long will it take them to come and get it after the 18th and grace period of 10days.

I admitt it.

I thought I could afford it but cant. Thanks in advance.


I had a loan with them for my car that I purchased in 2007. I was told my montly payments would be $420.

I was able to keep up with my payments until I got laid off and unfortunately got behing in september. I paid sept in october, and then I was going to pay oct in nov, when I got a call from one of the representatives who arranged a payment plan to bring me current. During that call, I found out when wachovia merged with wells fargo, my payments were lowered to $385 a month effective in January. I still owed for october and november payments were due so we set up a payment plan that would cover october, november and december.

So I greed to give a payment of $587 and then two additional payments of $288 which would have paid me up thru december and the next full payment due in jan. I did pay the $587 and one of the two payments of $288. Within two weeks of the last $288 payment, I was in a car accident (not my fault) and I contacted the same rep and informed him. He stated to not worry about the last payment since my car accident happend before the december payment was due.

He stated for that reason the insurance company would cover it. Cool, so I thought. I received a letter in January stating that they had repossed my car. When I called back, I was told "oh don't worry about it.

We have in our records that your insurance company is going to pay it off and we are aware of the accident" Again, I am thinking ok so then it would not be listed as a reposssion, right. I was told yes. Another month passed and I pulled my credit report for other reasons and noticed it was still listed as repoed. I called back in to check on the claim and they confirmed that it was paid off.

When I asked then why is it still listed as repoed they stated it was repoed because I had not paid octobers payment. Huh, WTF? I was no, I did pay it. Then they recanted and said no I did not pay Sept payment.

huh? When I called the corporate office I was told that they could not remove it because I did not turn in my power of attorney letter in time for my insurance company to pay it? I was like ma,am, a repoed means that I did not pay my car note, correct? And you have in your records where my insurance company confirmed they were going to pay out the balance correct?

and you received the payment? So how did you repossess it when I know for a fact it is still at the shop where I turned in the car for the insurance adjuster. The only thins Ms Elaine could say is, I just dont know why you would not turn the letter in. After fighting with her to no avail.

I gave up. I then just reconfirmed that there was no balance owed on my account and left it alone. How about I just pulled my credit report a month ago and they have it listed that my car was repoed in may of 2011 and I still owed then like $300 dollars??? How is that possible if they told me it was listed as repoed in jan and paid in full in feb of 2011?

I called them back and now they want more money? WTF. This company and I are about to go to war!

and Yes, I have contacted an attorney. :( :( :( :(


The common thread I hear through each of these complaints is that you did not make your car payment. The loan docs you signed did not say anything about if you lost your job, got sick, had a foreclosure, had a broken water heater, etc.

The loan docs stated that you would make your payment on time for the duration of the loan. If you failed to do so, that is not WFDS's fault, it's yours.

Make your payment.


The Repo Man


Wells Fargo Dealer services must be the company of last resort for financing an auto. They employ people who are not empowered to make an independent decision, if you ask anything remotely complicated, they put you on hold and come back in 5 minutes with a "no".

I couldn't access my account online for the first year because they had the social security number wrong, and when they wanted to verify my identity, we could never get past that they had the wrong number! You know, TARP money was used to purchase wachovia from wells fargo. This is why the country is struggling. The customer service folks can only verify your name and address, and beyond that, they are clueless.

I will dance a jig when they fail, (and they will) and its a matter of time until they join the unemployed.

And I hope they have to deal with more idiots, just like themselves. They are simply the worst lender I have ever seen.


The customer service is the absolute worst. They are rude, do not speak clearly, and the tone is condescending and outright horrible.

I had hoped that wells fargo buying them would help, but it has not.

wachovia was awful, and they just continued to be awful. I'll use a credit union next time.


Just to let you guys know....if you are being harassed daily (as I am) because of one late can go on Moneygram and make your payment via BILLPAY - only 9.95 fee and you DO NOT HAVE TO CALL THEM TO PROVIDE ANY REFERENCE NUMBER. They get it directly.

Be sure to use the same 4 digit number that they gave you or find your region office on the Wachovia or Wells Drop down list. What a sigh of relief to know when the jerks lock me out of my account, I can still pay a single payment even when they told me they would accept two only. Make the one and in the Note line give the date for the next payment. Its great to know I dont have to listen to them scream at me about how irresponsible I am for being Also there is a service that will re-negotiate your loan with them for about 300.00 - I already called them and they told me Wachovia-WellsFargo easiest place they work with.

Waiting for income tax. The guy I consulted with estimated my new monthly payment will be about 65% of what I pay now. If they are not sucessful, you dont pay.

There are lots of these services - check with BBB first. Cant wait to be free of these jerks.


My truck was repo took a loan out from my 401k to get the truck back which turned out to be hot water heater went out in my house and I had to purchase a new one so I was short on my payment 50 dollars so they said just put it with next month payment isn't even 30 days late and so I made a payment which including the month due and the 50 dollars and they took my truck later that night again and I had made a payment earlier that day for the month due


I agree with all the negative comments, I have paid on time for 2 years, lost my job and fell behind on 2 payments :sigh , They call me and I offer to give them a post dated payment for 4 advanced payments to clear 11 days later and they refused my payment :eek . They said I was on my 45th day behind n needed payment that day!

Then the B@*$# yells at me to clean out my truck because she was going to come get it. I said fine I would rather buy a used car then to pay u anything!!! next call I got was from another lady saying they would pick up my truck the next day n the repo people would be calling me and no one showed up. I drove the truck until I used up all the gas.

Lets see if its still there in the morning :cry . You would think they would be more understanding in this bad economy that we are in :sigh


I purchased a car that was financed through Wachovia DS and I dropped a significant amount of money on the vehicle to get my payments lower (I had some credit issues). The rep told me at the time of signing that if I paid on time for six months, I could get my car re-financed at a lower rate.

I wrote them around the 6th month mark and explained that I have been on time and had good equity in the car. They wrote me back stating they would not refinance the loan because I had previous credit issues, but also said in the letter that my credit had nothing to do with their decision...WTH!!!!

Long story short, I stopped making payments 2 years ago and I will give the car back once I get MY money's worth out of it! They lied to get me into that car, that is a BAD BUSINESS TACTIC!


:roll I guess we need to keep up with our payments, ;) and everything will be alright in life 8)


Funny you feel that way about Wachovia Dealer Services... We have bought a truck and a car with them and we have never had a problem with anyone there, they have always been very professional when we talk to them...We are very satisfied with them ..We have been with them for over 10 yrs they are great people.


Wachovia will do anything in their power to either ruin your credit or harrass innocent people trying to make a living and pay bills. This economy has not been the greatest.

Individuals are still being laid off. All we get are rude employees that have no business ethics.


The only people who have not had a problem with WDS/wells are the ones that have not financed with them.

I am 6 months in to my 4 year loan. Late one payment because of timing belt repair cost 1200. They are all ready calling me. I am on my 2nd week being late. by the time my next payment is due I will be up to date.

I do not for one second think this company has any good intentions. Plus what good does it do to take a car send it to the auction.

They get less then half of the value of the car. It's more worth it to work with the customer then to send it to auction.

If I ever lost my job and they took my car and sent it to auction.. they would never get another payment from me.

Good luck all!!


Momma always told me that you get treated how you treat others... That being said I have NEVER had a problem with Wachovia / Wells. Any time I have had an issue, I call and politely explain my issue and they bend over backwards to help me.

Yuma, Arizona, United States #120234

I was spoiled when I had ford credit. WDS is without any exception the worstlenders in the business Hands down!!

Maybe I have had 7 or 8 auto loans, these low life incompetent people will never have me on there customer list again. Wells Fargo is taken them over they better do some research in this division!!

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