Delta, Utah
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This company is awful to go through! I paid my car off 2 months ago and was told I would have the title in 7 to 10 days.

Still no title! They keep telling me to wait a week and if I haven't seen anything than to call back. I keep calling back and I get told to wait another week. This company is not lenient at all if your a little late on your car payment due to losing your job, they will tack on a late fee to the point you will never be able to pay off your car.

So still waiting for the title as of today....if you have another company to choose from than go with them not Wells Fargo. Hope this helps someone in the long run!

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Fort Myers, Florida, United States #831422

same here still waiting for my title. my car has been paid off since march 11, 2014 and I still have not got my title from them yet... hope someone can help us get our titles from this company that has NO customer services at ALL.

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