Wachovia Dealer Services - So Far, Good!

Not resolved

I called 800.289.8004. Got Wells Fargo Dealer Services which is also Wachovia Desler Services.

Followed recorded prompts which got me nowhere. Followed a suggestion I read to continually press #0#0 until I was transfered to a rep. Explained I need a letter as proof of release of lien. She transfered to an acct agent (but first gave me the direct number should I get disconnected!) The account manager took my info and processed my request.

Told me it would take two business days to processed.

I expect to have the letter within a week. Service was very helpful and friendly!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wachovia Dealer Services Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Wachovia Dealer Services - I would also like to warn people

Please do not take a loan from wells fargo dealer services. My daughter is asthmatic.

They picked up my car for a missed payment 4 days now i have paid my all my balance due on the same day they took my car. They took my money out of my a/c on the third day which was a sunday. Their repo service is all the way in long island. I live in westchester.

I was on the phone trying to get a hold of someone on monday to find out if my release papers has been sent over. I waited 2 hours on the phone no one picked up. I call back no one picked up again for another hour. So i decided to go to the bank.

They got a hold of someone which told the banker rep. It will take two business days for my car to be released. This is the third business day my papers has not been released. I am right at this minute on the phone holding since 9am it is now 9:45am still holding.

I need my car because i have a sick child. I also went to long island hoping that they would have released my car. No such luck. Not only that, but the agent on the phone from wells fargo dealers was very very rude.

This is my 3rd missing work losing money. I will never do business and will never recommend anyone to do business with wells fargo again

Product or Service Mentioned: Wachovia Dealer Services Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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