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I tried to pay my truck payment online last Monday. I was given an error message saying my payment couldn't be process, try later. I tried later and was successful. The next day Wachovia/Wells Fargo took the money out twice. I have been jumping through hoops since for over a week now and have received the following excuses/statements.

1. Can you prove we took it out twice. We can't track that on our system. (from a supervisor)

2. If you will fax us your bank statement for proof that we have your money we will send it to an investigator.

3. That can't happen.

4. It will take 24-48 hours, or 48-72 hours, or over three business days to look into the problem. All times were given by different representatives.

5. Have you put in an online request? That is usually the best way. (5 request have been sent and the same 5 generic answers saying this type of problem can't be fixed this way, please call, have been returned). Even when I requested what types of things could be handled online. I get an answer saying that can't be handled online???

Review about: Wachovia Dealer Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $400.


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closing account with one bank, opening new with different bank.

8/27 - stopped auto pay from old account via web

8/27 - created one-time online payment from new account via web

9/03 - received no feedback/info/confirmation of changes, called customer service. Told to fax form to stop auto pay. Faxed form.

9/05 - received no feedback/info/confirmation of changes, called customer service. Told something was wrong with faxed form, to fax again.Faxed form again.

9/06 - received confirmation of payment reciept from WFDS from new account.

9/07 - received overdraft notification from old bank due to WFDS drawing a 2nd payment. Called WFDS, was told to 'write a note explaining the problem and what I wanted them to do' and fax to same customer service number.

9/10 - called WFCS and was told it could take up to 72 hrs to process the request.

9/11 - called old bank, was told overdraft wasn't corrected.

9/12 - called WFDS - was told they never recieved the first couple of faxes, that it's not their policy to contact customers regarding errors, they do not refund incorrectly drafted funds to banks, to again 'write a note' explaining what is going on AND include proof that the payment cleared the bank. I asked to speak to a supervisor, she repeated the information about their policy and procedure. I said I knew they could look at my account and SEE what they'd done AND that the payment has been made. She said I would have to fax a note to the SAME department that 'didn't receive' the other two requests and the auditors MIGHT refund a paper check within 90 days. I asked for the number to that department and was told again, it was not their policy to allow customers to contact the auditors.

I have both my mortgage and car notes with Wells Fargo, never missed a payment or been late. The mortgage dept offers the ability to simply change my bank account information online. WFDS appears to do this simply to gather extra payments before their due date.


Darn, I called this place five times this week and they can't figure out.I hear them typing what I'm saying but they say there is no record of me talking to them...I do not know how that is possible.

So, I was talking to a operator named Marisol, my dad is non-English speaking person, so I had to translate to him. She said I couldn't...then asked what we can do, she said to mail or fax them proof. Proof of what? That my dad can't speak English?

Proff that he is my dad? I see they are trying to make time so interest would go up and he would pay more. I told her we had no time for that since we want to pay off our loan and be free. She said it's company policy.

So I gave my phone to my dad, telling him what to say and Marisol said that is ok...WOW!!! What is the DIFFERENCE? So, in the end she gave me the wrong payoff quote and hung up once she gave me the payoff quote. I wanted to ask more question, but she just hung up...

So I called again and this time operator named Carly answered. She said the payoff quote that Marisol gave was wrong!!!! WOW talk about accuracy!!! I was so so so so so very angry and disappointed!!!

I am waiting for my dad to get his title over the mail.

Once he receives that I am going to send an email telling them to retrain their operators!!!I don't know whether it's going to work or not but still going to try!


I had a loan with Wells Fargo Dealer Services had to call 3 different times to get a payoff amt.Sent that through money gram.

A week later I get a call that I still had a balance of 100.11 so reluctantly I paid that. They said my title would be mailed out. Two days after that I recieve another call that I still owe money...this time it was over 600.00. I turned them into the Federal Reserve they have a complaint form online etc.

I hope they do something. If I have to they will be hearing from my attorney to clear things up. We have moved all our accts. to a smaller private bank.

Corporate banks or any corporate business for that matter treat you like you mean nothing to them.If someone is managing my money I want to be treated like a human being and respected.


I have been trying to get to talk with someone as WFDS for over a month to get a title from my brothers car who passed away and the loan is paid off.They keep sending me to the collections department to get a title released and when I talk to them they say no, it isn't them I need I need the first people I called.

Still no title and very frustrated.Never do business with them!


I am glad to see that people are standing up and letting their voices be heard.I have experienced many of these same behaviors out of other lenders and it is very demeaning and intimidating at times.

The banks have no trouble taking our tax dollars to bail theirselves out. The politicians who make hefty salaries off our backs have no trouble giving our money away to the greedy emotionless bloodsuckers. So, kudo's to all the American people who stand up and speak out against such behavior. I must say also, remember, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.

God is watching Always....:)


Wells fargo dealer services is the worst bank i have ever delt with.Job is slow and i pay my car payment late, but i pay it.

And they always call friends or family members at there house asking for me. How they get there number i dont know. I have a friend that got a loan from golden one bank. She lost her job but they still worked with her never harrassed her even lowered her payments.

So unless your rich and have a job thats never going to cut your hours stay away from that bank and go somewhere else.

:( oh and my the way there are the rudest people in the world.But i guess they need to go through hardship to know what it fills like.


I just recently got my first car and have not missed a payment ever...the first mistake came when they charged my bank account twice, which caused me to get a ton of late fees. Then i get a letter that says that my next payment due is for twice the amount that i am supposed to pay plus the loan balance somehow increased by $2000 without notice of why. Worst lender ever!!!


These guys are complete as***les !!!!due to their lack of timely documentation, my car registration has expired and dont know when I will be able to drive my car.

I have been a really good and loyal customer to them and this is what I get !!!

DONOT get auto loans from them.I am willing to pay more even just to get away from these unethical corporation


Wells fargo is rude and nasty when they call you in these hard times where people are losing jobs a little compassion goes a long way.So for the person to say get a life and pay your bills it must be a blessing to have never experienced a hardship like loss of income or a murdered child.

there is a way to do everything These reps act like they have given people the money for the car out of their pockets.

They work a job like we do.Karma is something so treat people how you wanna be treated


I have been unemployed since June of this year.Unfortunately we are getting late in some of our bills.

We fell behind in the July payment for our vehicle and in the first week of this month we received a call from Wells Fargo and we told them we could make July's payment at that time. They WOULD NOT accept the payment until we could give them an exact date as to when we would make the August payment.

We could not give them an EXACT date, so needless to say they are calling me every single day.And the supervisor I talk to is also very rude and ignorant.

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