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On 8/18/11 I was rear-ended on the freeway and taken from the scene to the hospital for enjuries that occured in the accident.I was placed on pain medication and advised to take time off from work.I complied.On 30 days later i get a call from WFDS demanding that I make a payment immediately.I explained my situation and they stated 'when can you make a payment"? I reponded I'will make a payment no later then 10/18".She then asked what shop my car was in and I told her where my car was. The very next day i got a call from insurene compny wanting to go ispect the car so i told them the phone number of the shop.Shortly after that phone call the insurence co called back and informed me my car had been repoed.

Today 11/1 5/11 I get a call from WFDS demanding 9,000 dollars and stating they had sold my car at an auction for 8,000 and I owe 9,000 storage fee.And I am at my witts end with these people.Not once did they even have the decentcy to ask if i was okay.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Wow .....First of all sorry to hear of your friends loss I hope he has managed to find peace somehow, however with W F D S on his *** I don't see how this would be possible.I promise I will do everything i can to make then pay for their cruelty.Thanks for reading my post


guess what, they dont care if your even dead, they kept calling my friends house asking for his mother who died months earlier and when he told them she died they wanted him to pay the bill. they continued to call demanding to speak with his mother as if they didnt believe him that she was dead so he gave them her forwarding address of the graveyard.

they still called back weeks later and he told them to "go dig her up". I cracked up.

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