I had been making payments for 6 years on my car financed through Wachovia then lost my job. This nasty company and their rude workers would cut me no slack.

After falling behind a month they would not take a payment and wanted the balance which is $2,000.00. WHAT PART of I AM UNEMPLOYED DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Everyone else including my mortgage company have bent over backwards to work with me. The bottom line is Wachovia can make more money by taking my car and selling it again to someone else.

Today they showed up at my house with a tow truck. THIS IS TRUE. MMM but I wasn't there. They even go to your neighbors and offer them money to call them when the car is there.

I will never purchase a car again from this company.

You end up paying double and get treated like some low life if you are late. Only in America.

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I have had may car since 08 and in 09 myself like many other found myself out of work an behind on payments. Well fargo came and took my car I had come up with full back payment and when i diid they moved my car to 3 different tow yards.

then when i got some ones close and personal items where in it. when i told them this they said and i quote "maybe you should have made your payments" WTF !!!!

When I was done and out this was the only company that didn't offer any help or understanding and things have been good for 2/12 years i get harrrrsed if payment is processed with 5 days of the due date

I can't get refinaced cause they repoed my car *** can't wait until the loan payments are done so i get away from them UGH!! 18 months left and would have been sooner if they didn't repo it


Same thing just happened to me today! My car is almost paid of and I was 60 days behind and they repossessed my car.

I mailed a partial payment but they said it wasn't enough and they mailed it back to me! The crappy part is my loan is in the bankruptcy dept where they make it nearly impossible to make a payment. Hold times on the phone are hours, they lock you out of your internet account and refuse to send statements. Wells Fargo sucks!

I will never refer wells Fargo to anyone and I hope they go out of business.

Wells Fargo has the worst customer service and steal your money! Do not use them for anything!


I am so sorry you went through this so did I they took my truck after one missed payment that I did not even realized I missed and were unwilling to take the back payment. They wanted the whole loan amount of over $9500.00.

I waged a protest by having all my friends call the presidents office and tell them I said Hi.

won't get you car back but might make you feel better. The number is 877-250-2265.

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