Why do I make my payments to WF for, I was never charged a fee before, now it costs me more money. I always used the online payment option.

I do not agree with the extra charge, when I bought this car I was told online payments was not charged a fee. Please explain this! Will I always be paying Wells Fargo?

This is unfair to the consmuer to do this. I hope with enough complaints that we can go back to eservices as we were before, IT WAS FREE.Anyone else that agrees with me needs to express their opinions also.

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what a dumb ***, i make my payments at wellsfargodealerservice.com for free. i know i have been late before and had to pay with a customer service agent and they charge $10 even.

the only way it will not let you make your payment is if what your trying to pay is less than whats due or if your account goes over 29 days past due, i belive. then you either make both payments or you can call them and just pay one as long as you pay $10. one way i have done it to not pay the fee is to call them and pay both payments through their website and tell them i made a mistake and just make one payment and i would set another payment by the end of the month through the website.

i have also noticed when i dont call w/ an attidue, i get better service. --and i work for Mcdonalds..lol--

Munsey Park, New York, United States #142122

Wells Fargo Dealer Services does not charge to do online payments if you are getting charged then you are the incorrect site or when the address was put in it was placed in the address bar incorrectly. So no there was no 30 day notice sent out for charges for online payments bc the co does not charge for making pmts online. The correct website for anyones information is


copy and paste and see what comes up.


Don't blame Bush now, that ship sailed 2+ years ago. It's all on Obama now.

H eneeds to fix it, if he doesn't shame on him


Because of the negligence of the Bush Administration, who were warned of the "funny business" taking place with Wall Street and banks 3 years in advance, you now are going to pay thru the nose. Banks and credit card companies had up until March 1, 2010 to change your service agreements.

If they were going to charge you for online payments they were required to give you a written 30 day notice. You then had the option of canceling your business with them. With the CC companies, if you didn't agree with their new charges, they would cancel your CC. First the banks boink you by investing stealing your money badly and now they are boinking you again by charging you for their services.

Find a credit union... they have better interest rates and better services.

And no.. I don't work for any financial institutions!

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