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This bank has the worst customer service ever. I do not recommend this bank.

From the sleezy reps to the horrible managers they all answer the phones with attitudes. They do not care about you financial situation or will not work out anythng with you. Do not USE this bank!! They will harrass you and anyone you know to no end.

They will call you all day everyday even on Christmas morning. They will stress you out to the point that you would rather just give the car back just like I'm do just so that I wont have to deal with these disrespectful people.

And they dont care.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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thankfully, wachovia is now defunct and hopefully, their collection agents will have collection agents calling them after they all get fired and lose their homes and cars! Oh yeah!


This guy says "To be completely blunt, a collector's job is to collect your money... not provide customer service".

Let me tell you something my friend. You collectors rarely have any education beyond High School, if even that. You get paid by the hour, and usually at crappy rates. However, calling other people and "collecting" gives you a sense of power, you feel important.

I can tell you, I'd rather clean the toilets at the Greyhound station or sort out animal fesces at the Zoo than being a collection agent.

Bastards! Of course their job is to provide CS, we are not your slaves nor do we work for you.

Bynum, North Carolina, United States #24981

True that! Do not do Wachovia in any regards!

Potomac, Illinois, United States #23091

I worked for an auto finance company and I can tell you and anyone else reading this and considering a voluntary repo-- it will not solve your problem.

1) If you are past due it will be the same as a regular repo

2) You will now have a charged-off repo on your credit

3) You will still owe

4) You will also owe repo expenses

5) The calls will not stop...

6) The attitudes will certainly not get any better in the next department

To be completely blunt, a collector's job is to collect your money... not provide customer service

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